It’s The Small Things

So, within the past 24 hours God has really stretched me. Shattered me. Taught me lessons. Encouraged me. Made me new. And as hard as it was to still give thanks in the midst of the storm, I am so very thankful for the endurance for the sake of winning the prize.

God can use anything to build us. For me, He chose an airline…or rather one lady working for the airline. I can honestly say that I hate when people abuse their power, but I’m even more grateful that I serve a God who’s all-powerful.

While going through trials and tribulations, it’s imperative that we notice the small things. For me, it’s the evidence that God is with me. He’s mighty, but oh how He loves and is gentle that He provides and shows His presence and/or likeness through the small things! Small things can bring about big hope and even bigger faith.

So here the small things I noticed that made us to hope and have peace & joy:

1)Prayer Oil: I appreciate how my family rallies! I appreciate even more so my family’s sense of humor. Right when I thought I had reached my wits end waiting in the airport, I got texts and phone calls of encouragement and scripture to uplift me. However, being the human that I am, I started to get emotional and right when I wanted to bawl my eyes out, a certain brother called to encourage me, and then asked, “Do you have some prayer oil on you?” To which I said, “No, but I wish I had some.” He replies, “Yeah I wish you had some too, so when that lady passes by you just FLING some on her!” Hahahahahaha, all the tears went away at that point!

2) Meeting Evelyn: After accepting defeat for the day, we met the sweetest lady that was to help us rebook our flight, but honestly, I think she was there to be Christ for us. To get our spirits back on the right track. She patiently waited with us as I called my dad or travel agent, she organized favor for us with several airport & immigration workers, and best of all, she was incredibly compassionate. After organizing everything, she left a line of people that needed to be checked in, just to escort us throughout the airport to retrieve our luggage and make sure we had a taxi. We became friends so fast, I wished I would’ve met her waaaaaay sooner and Billy even asked if we wanted to exchange numbers to stay in touch. 🙂

3) Two Bottles of Water: We returned to the airport to officially reschedule for Monday and as we waited for our tickets to be printed, Billy and I both mentioned our need for water. We were done with talking to people and so tired that we soooooo badly needed to go buy water from somewhere. As we waited, Billy told me to look at some seats close to where we were sitting. And in chair were 2 completely sealed, cold, bottles of water. I remembered seeing some Americans in that area and I guess due to airport rules they couldn’t go through security with them, so they were left. After we received our tickets, we joyfully grabbed our bottles of water and thanked God for His provisions big and small.

I could go on with the fact that I saw my 2nd shooting star on the way home and it’s significance to me or the great stories and joy we got from our taxi driver, but the point still remains the same. God is omnipresent and omniscient. He reveals Himself to us daily, if only we would take the time to acknowledge Him.

This experience has not only taught me but MADE me rejoice in the Lord always. Oh!! How I serve, how we serve an awesome God. He is altogether lovely. I hope you take the time to acknowledge that today.


“What’s The Plan?”

As information of my family’s return to the USA has come out, so many people have presented the previously stated question to either me or my husband, Billy.

“What’s the Plan?”

Honestly speaking, we share our general knowledge or ideas of what we ‘plan’ this new chapter to be or do for us. However, at the end of the day, our only plan is to follow God’s plan. To obey Him daily; be living sacrifices.

“May He grant your heart’s desire and fulfill all your plans.” – Psalm 20:4

“The heart of a man plans his ways, but the Lord establishes his steps.” – Proverbs 16:9

“The plans of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue is from the Lord.”- Proverbs 16:1

“Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.” – Proverbs 16:3

It is, us, humans who find plans to be relevant. How quickly we forget the outcome of our lives to be the epitome of God’s plan; His story for our lives. Psalm 139:16 says, “…in your book were written, everyone of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yest there was none of them.” This verse alone should/can cure any anxiety about our plans, because it is never our plans in the first place. The result is always a gift, whether we deem it to be good or bad,  from God.

God is the overall ruler of our days, lives, seconds, as long as we are keen to our commitment and obedience to Him.

So….what is our plan? Our plan is:

  • to love the Lord with all our hearts, with all our souls, and with all our minds.
  • to lean not on our own understanding
  • to be holy and acceptable to God
  • to consider the ravens and lilies knowing God will meet our needs
  • continue to know and grow in His word, and keep it
  • to love others genuinely and unconditionally as Christ does
  • to be obedient and faithful as He remains faithful

May God establish THESE plans in our lives. And in your lives as well. See you all soonest!

Learn, Act, GROW

Lately I’ve been learning a lot of things, as well as, acting on the things that I’ve learned. A doer of the word, if you will. And it’s been a great challenge and blessing all at the same time. Can I share some of those things with you?

  1. Evangelism: Most people think that evangelizing is blunt pursuits of converting sinners to Christianity and that is so far from the truth. To evangelize in the first place, the evangelist must be so in tune with the Holy Spirit, to discern and then pursue the person that the Holy Spirit acknowledges is ready to be saved. Jesus said “No one can come to Me, unless the Father who sent Me draw him: and I will raise him up on the last day.” (John 6:44) The pursuit is so beautiful. Now to act on it…. Action: I know I posted on here about doing a girls small group and things were slow moving and first and had some pauses and breaks due to just challenges all around. So I kept praying on this and knew I had this desire and remembered the previously mentioned scripture. I waited and knew God wouldn’t leave that desire to be untapped. So sure enough, almost 2 weeks after surrendering my vain actions, I was leaving church on Sunday and a group of pre-teen girls yelled my name and asked me to come talk to them. As I was walking over, I was thinking “this is strange but i love them so i’ll hear what silly things they have to say to me today,” as I was surrounded by them several of them shyly spoke out and said, “Will you teach us about beauty? And what beauty means?” I WAS FLOORED!!!! God had prepared the way and everything was effortless. Will post pictures of that sweet time in the near future. 
  2. I’ve learned Psalm 139 to memory. Things have been shifting in my life (will explain later) and at times when I’m anxious or feel forgotten, I just say the whole chapter to myself. IT’S ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!  You should learn it as well. It fights all anxieties and doubts that Satan uses to steal our joy that we are fearfully and wonderfully made by a beautiful omnipresent Creator.
  3. Shifting: So, God has been confirming a shift in my ministry and life altogether and my husband and I are acting on it. To further this ministry, we will be moving back to the USA. It’s a huge leap of faith but it is very necessary in our growth as individuals & our organization. Ministry in Kenya will still be continuing with our Wazi House team and God has been awesome with the smooth transition of it all. If you would like to continue to donate to the ministry and pray with us, I’d love to send you information just email me at or leave your email address in the comment box on this blog. The blog will continue! This ministry and chapter is not over. It’s blooming! So keep reading and praying for the outreach in Kenya and soon to be, in the USA. 🙂

Glad, Sad, Mad

Hey everyone! Hope things are going great with you! Things are still moving here. Sorry, I haven’t posted, I’ve been reading, growing, transitioning, etc. God is doing great things. On this post, I wanted to share an excerpt from a book I’ve been reading. I hope it challenges you and gives you pause for what you can do for kingdom building. Enjoy!


“In 1950, the founder of World Vision, Bob Pierce, was in Korea. He felt helpless as he watched children orphaned by the Korean War standing in endless food lines. ONe day one of those little children dropped dead because there wasn’t any food at the front of the line. It broke Bob’s heart. He experienced a sympathy breakthrough. And his decision to do something about it became the defining moment of his life.

I suppose Bob Pierce could have walked away from that food line that day and forgotten all about it. That is what most of us do when we read tragedies in the morning newspaper or watch them on the nightly news. The last thing that crosses most of our minds is actually doing something about it. Most of us let what we cannot do keep us from doing what we can. Not Bob Pierce. He made a resolution: “We’re going to get food to the front of the food lines. It if kills me, we’re going to do it.” Getting food to the front of the line became his God-ordained passion. Bob flew back and forth between the United States and Korea, raising awareness and raising funds.

Then, on one of those trips, Bob met a little girl named White Jade, who had been beaten and disowned because of her decision to follow Christ. All Bob had in his pocket was five bucks,  and he gave it to her. But that’s not all he did. He also pledged to send her money every month. That Spirit-prompted act of compassion became the catalyst for what would become World Vision’s child sponsorship program.

Let me ask you a question: what will kill you if you don’t do it?

What makes you glad or sad or mad? What puts a holy smile on your face? What causes your spirit to sob uncontrollably? What makes you pound your fist on the table out of righteous indignation? Somewhere in the mixture of gladness, sadness, and madness is your God-ordained passion. And once you identify it, doing something about it isn’t optional. You can’t NOT do something about it….It starts out as something small. But that is how primal movements begin. Someone decides to do something about something that makes him glad, sad, or mad. 

I have no idea what makes you glad or sad or mad. But I do know this: if each of us simply took ownership of our unique, God-ordained passions, we’d start a coup de compassion the likes of which has not been seen since the first century….There is a God-ordained passion that makes you glad, sad, or mad. There is something that breaks your heart because it breaks the heart of God. The only question that remains is this: what are you going to do about it?”

– Primal, Mark Batterson

Rescue Visit!!!

Hello everyone. Hope March is treating you kind. This week, I paid Murang’a Rescue Center 2 visits and enjoyed them both. The first day, I came bearing baby wipes, 6 jumbo packs of Pampers, and several cans of baby formula. However, as I arrived to take pictures, my camera instantly died. Yay for unreliable electricity connections, which fool the camera owner of “full battery.” Nonetheless, I enjoyed the time there on that day and had to turn down several chapatis (flatbread often served in Kenya and India) that they were having for lunch. The kiddos are so sweet and  were willing to share. 🙂

The next day, I came back with a fully powered camera and took some pics of the new babies that are there. Right now MRC has 4 babies that are under 1 year old and 2 that are under 2 years old. Here are some photos of the lovelies:


John (8 MONTHS)

John (8 MONTHS)















How they napped...

How they napped…




As can be expected these cuties use plenty of pampers and formula. I’m so thankful for your continued giving that allows us to provide for them as well as helping to carry the load with the Aunties.


“Now they were bringing even infants to him that he might touch them. And when the disciples saw it, they rebuked them. But Jesus called them to him, saying, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God. Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.”  Luke 18:15-17

God bless!

Coming up….

Hello readers! It’s great to be back with you. I am now back in Kenya! I had such a wonderful time in the states with my Hubby and participating in the final stage of my worlds colliding!!! I mean what’s better than hanging out with your grandma, and your spouse, and your grandma just bursts out how handsome she finds my Hubby to be.

Life is good. Worlds collided. 

In other news, 2013 has brought up a heavier burden for teenage girls. High schoolers. Therefore, I’m acting on it. Obeying. I am currently putting together 3 schools in which I’ll go to weekly to meet with a small group of teenage girls. Usually when this happens, the principal gives me the trouble-makers.

And I loooove it! I welcome them with open arms. 🙂 This isn’t just going to be a one time thing. I plan to be insanely intentional, awkwardly and deeply rooted in their lives to the point where I and them are comfortably linked together in this beautiful mess of a knot. A knot that God will certainly put together in only the majestic way He knows how, and He’ll protect and guard and nurture, until the season He says to let go. 

I am so ready for this! Every day I brainstorm new ideas for rewards (I’ve started knitting), discussions, stories, jokes, SCRIPTURES,….just things my heart is literally going to burst out on them.

I love it. These desires that God can only give, that gets one so eager to do it. These passions that He’s placed in our hearts that bloom in perfect rhythm of our lives. *sigh* He’s awesome. 

Therefore readers, I desire your help. I am putting together my own curriculum. My own bible study if you will for this small group of amazing ladies that I will soon meet. I’m going through various sources and now am turning to you. 

– What is something that you wish you were taught during your formative years that would’ve helped your journey to who you are today?

– What’s a piece of wisdom that you’ve been given (or wisdom that you have) that helped throughout your life that you’d like to share?

This is going to be an exciting journey. I hope you stay along for the ride, as well as, keep me lifted in prayers for what’s coming up in this new year. Also, this new endeavor will bring about more expenses (transportation, office supplies, rewards, etc) so any support you can give will be tremendously appreciated. Even if you give an hour’s wage, a little will go a long way. 

Continue to spread the word of this blog and what God is doing in Murang’a, Kenya, through you and me. 

God Bless!

New Layout/Commitment!!

Hello followers/new-comers!!! Welcome to 2013 and my new blog layout! Don’t you just love it?! Did you notice the Kenyan textiles?! I decided that with a new year comes a fresh start, thus a very colorful blog. 🙂 Also, the new place for people to subscribe and donate via paypal is now located AT THE BOTTOM of the blog.

Now, with a new layout, I posted a new bible verse. Some of you might have noticed my last staple bible verse was John 10:10, but not it’s Isaiah 61:1-3. I love the chapter Isaiah 61. It has always been a favorite of mine, but I couldn’t type the whole chapter in the small box. So verses 1 through 3 it is.

In 2013 have decided to be doubly/triply committed. So these verses are like my personal Rocky Theme song… “Eye of the Tiger.” 🙂 It gets me excited and on fire for not only living the mission life, but being a Christian, life in general, the Christian walk. So with this verse, comes commitment from me. A reminder of what is not only called/expected from me, but for you, the reader.

That all being said, what is your personal rocky theme song? I’d love to know what song/scripture gets your Holy Spirit ablaze?


Rocky at his finest.! (You know I had to do it.)

Happy New Year! Happy Beginnings!

Christmas Angels

(I hope you all got your thank you cards in the mail.)

After tons of shopping for food, toiletries, household goods, clothes, and toys, we’ve succeeded in blessing the children and Aunties!

The smiles on their faces is proof that the mission was accomplished!

Big shout out to Emma Nelson for taking the reigns and seeing that things were delivered after I left for the USA and Jaitex Textiles for the clothes made for the older kids at the Rescue Center!

These are just a few but I hope you enjoy the photos!

Soccer balls! A favorite past time.

Soccer balls! A favorite past time.



Hellen wearing some of the decorations.

Hellen wearing some of the decorations.

Sweet Ruth!

Sweet Ruth!

Clement being his silly self.

Clement being his silly self.


John and Moses in their new clothes

John and Moses in their new clothes

KoiKoi getting camera ready

KoiKoi getting camera ready

Clothes made by Monica (seamstress from Murang'a)

Clothes made by Monica (seamstress from Murang’a)






Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays



May you remember and honor Jesus during this season. May He always be wonderful to you; your counselor. Your Mighty (and only) God. Your everlasting Father. And forever bring you peace. 

It’s a Process

I’m in an interesting stage of life. It’s not stagnant, nor high-speed. It’s just contently slow-paced.

I feel like I’m a tiny plant. Taking in as much Son (pun intended) and (living) water as possible and God is doing some things under the surface that the naked eye can’t see. Yet to the spiritual eye, it’s very visible.

Ministry is still moving. Tutoring. Mentoring. Building deeper relationships. Singing. And upcoming ventures for Christmas.

Life is a process. Season to season. And as much as I’d love to see all the visions, and dreams, and promises that are embedded in my mind, and engraved on God’s palm, to stand in front of me. To be tangible. I’ve learned to be content….with the process. To be ready, in and out of season.

Prepare me, Lord. Prepare us, Lord, to the level to which our desires & Your will will greet us. As you strengthen and nourish the roots that are needed for us to stand, let us be content through every storm and drought that You bless us with. For it is for our good, that we’re able to stand firm, unwavering, confident as we behold the visions, and dreams, and promises that You, our Creator, will make tangible. May we forever be in awe of Your grace and mercy towards us, God, as we wait faithfully and patiently for You. And may we never bypass the process for progress.